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Arhaus Utilizes DiCentral's Managed EDI Services — Realizes Major Benefits

Posted by Daniel Ford on Tue, Nov 17, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Arhaus, a leading provider of unique, high quality, well-designed home furnishings, has successfully implemented and utilized DiCentral's Managed Services solution to increase efficiencies and streamline critical business processes.

"Partnering with a proven and respected provider with a global presence was key for Arhaus," said John Rutter, CIO for Arhaus. "DiCentral is an international player and the recognized EDI leader. Since engaging with the company, they have devoted all the necessary resources to ensure our success. I am very happy that we have partnered with Thuy and his team."

Arhaus chose DiCentral's managed services solution to resolve the company's labeling issues. DiCentral facilitated better B2B communication, data transformation, and community enablement and management. The solution streamlined and sped up processes between Arhaus and the company's vendorssolving the company's labeling issues and improving processes across Arhaus' supply chain.

"Retail is a very important market to DiCentral," says Thuy Mai, founder and CEO, DiCentral. "And having the opportunity to work with a company with the volume, reputation and success of Arhaus is an honor. We look forward continuing to help them exceed their goals and improve their bottom line."

25% of Arhaus' vendors were implemented in the first three months of the relationship. The implementation pace showed that all vendors would be rolled out as scheduled and on plan. DiCentral acted as best practice advisors and also provided project management and support to overcome all obstacles that could have slowed the progress of the implementation.

Rutter continues, "Arhaus has reported a major increase in the speed of getting inventory to customers, while decreasing damaged packages and improving first delivery quality."

In addition to the initial scope, Arhaus decided to leverage DiCentral to roll out two 3PL carriers to manage domestic merchandises, as well as the company's freight forwarder to manage international cargo.

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DiCentral Named 2015 Green Supply Chain Award Winner by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine for the Third Consecutive Year

Posted by Daniel Ford on Tue, Nov 10, 2015

We are proud to announce that DiCentral has been selected by Supply & Demand Chain Executive as one of the highly coveted 2015 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award winners! 

The 2015 Green Supply Chain Awards recognize companies that are making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, as well as providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals.

"It is a tremendous honor for DiCentral to be recognized as a sustainability leader for the third year in a row," says Thuy Mai, CEO for DiCentral. "We work very hard each and every day to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service. It is with the same amount of dedication that we strive to minimize our impact, as well as to help our clients minimize their impact, on the already sensitive nature of the environment. Our hats are off to the other winners and to Supply & Demand Chain Executive for being so diligent in keeping the spotlight on this important issue year after year."

The full listing of the 2015 Green Supply Chain Award honorees is now available on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive website at An expanded listing will appear in the December 2015 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine and online thereafter.

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DiCentral exhibiting this week at the RVCF Annual Fall Conference

Posted by Daniel Ford on Mon, Nov 09, 2015

We're in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week exhibiting at the 2015 RVCF Annual Fall Conference! If you are attending, be sure to stop by booth #32 and chat with our supply chain integration experts about DiCentral's solutions that help to enhance collaboration and communication between retailers and their vendors.


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DiCentral and Emori Partner to Create & Sell Solutions to Enhance SAP Business One

Posted by Daniel Ford on Thu, Nov 05, 2015

We are pleased to announce that DiCentral and Emori, a leading value-added reseller and consultant for the SAP Business One application in Japan, have established a partnership to create and co-sell solutions designed to enhance SAP Business One. With these solutions that extend the supply chain management functionality of SAP Business One, customers will be better able to meet the electronic data interchange (EDI) requirements of large retailers.

SAP Business One is designed especially for growing businesses and subsidiaries of large companies, providing a single, integrated solution for managing financials, sales, customer relationships, purchasing, inventory, analytics and operations. Partners authorized by SAP can deliver the application and provide local services and support.

Using the DiCentral B2B Managed Services platform, Emori and DiCentral will jointly support customers and their suppliers in using SAP Business One to exchange data throughout the supply chain using EDI. Hundreds of partners and customers throughout the world use DiCentral Managed Services solutions for SAP Business One in this way. This new partnership brings together Emori's rapid implementation and integration skills with one of the world's largest B2B integration networks for the benefit of customers and partners in the APAC region.

Read the DiCentral press release here

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DiCentral Prize Giveaway Winner at QuickBooks Connect 2015

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

Amazon's Jennifer Krane is the lucky winner of the DiCentral $100 Visa gift card giveaway at QuickBooks Connect 2015! We hope you enjoy the gift card, Jennifer!

If you attended the conference but didn't get a chance to speak with our QuickBooks experts, you can learn all about our QuickBooks integration solution and the benefits it can offer your organization here.    

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Best Practices for Vendors — Selecting the Right ERP to Integrate with Your EDI System

Posted by Daniel Ford on Fri, Oct 30, 2015

One of the most critical investments that you can make for your business is choosing the right ERP system. As is often the case, most growing businesses are using ERP systems that were purchased some time ago, and eventually it becomes apparent that the ERP is simply no longer meeting the needs of the company. It’s true that QuickBooks and other accounting systems can handle business needs for a considerable time, but as a business grows its needs become more complex. And, inevitably, most businesses find that their EDI systems have become far more complex than their accounting systems.

If your company has found that it is time to reevaluate its ERP system, below are some points you need to consider as you research and evaluate your options. First, we’ll start with a critical question: Can the ERP system integrate with your EDI processes?

Integration is key

There’s a difference between ‘able to integrate’ and ‘natively integrated’ and that difference should be the very first item on your checklist. In theory, every ERP package can connect with any EDI package, but actually connecting the functions demands a whole different level of sophistication. Software vendors point to their ability to export data from their software so that it can be imported to another system. They may even have automated routines that can perform the export/import functions on a timed basis. The problem with these types of transfers is that the format of the intermediate files is prone to error and corruption, and any change in the file will either cause the transfer to fail or, even worse, import incorrectly causing corruption of the information in your application.

In addition, every time a vendor changes the format of their internal data, the data transfer process must be revised and tested to make certain it works with the new formats.

Direct integration between your ERP and EDI systems means that the two systems connect with each other at the level of the data. This is usually accomplished using built-in programs that handle the data formatting, error checking, and data transformation so that the data is transferred from one system to the other in exactly the right format. And once it has been put into the destination system, it is checked for accuracy and any errors are resolved.

Once you’ve checked your list of possible vendors against the ‘integration’ checklist and narrowed it to only those that provide the direct linkage necessary, it’s time to start on the more generalized list. Consider the following in your search for a more appropriate ERP system:

Your business operations

Don’t assume that you know what your current ERP system lacks. Take a hard look at every step of your operations. Talk with the staff that handles each part of the process and ask what they have problems with, how they would improve operations, and what parts of their work are handled outside the current ERP in such things as spreadsheets or databases.

Find out what reports are being used regularly and what reporting isn’t being done by the ERP. Typically these missing reports are created by exporting data from the ERP and generating the reports using spreadsheets. Identify and list each of these functions and get a handle on how much time is being used to create them.

Look for areas that are simply not addressed because the current system is not specific to your industry. Laws change and reporting requirements may be different for your business than they were initially.

Have additional questions about choosing the right ERP for your organization? Ask our experts! 

Contact the DiCentral experts!

As you build your list of possible ERP candidates, find out what other companies in your industry use and if they are satisfied.

The technical list

In addition to the list of features and functions, you’ll need a more basic set of criteria that may provide some yes/no options.


Beyond the initial or monthly costs, be sure to look at additional costs you will encounter. Additionally, consider the savings in manpower and in error reduction that can be gained by seamlessly integrating your systems.


Understand how the systems are hosted and how they connect your existing and replacement systems. Find out if you will need new computers and servers, additional internet connectivity capacity, or other services.

Support and service

Drill into the level of service and support that is available. This includes not just the system training, but also the maintenance of the data connection, i.e., mapping and updates that are required by trading partners.

Experience with your industry

If your business has specific requirements with regard to data, processes, connectivity, or product mix, an ERP vendor who already understands your needs will go a long way to easing your implementation.

Interview and demo

Become familiar with the system’s look and feel. Find out if your staff feels comfortable with the interface and can maneuver within it easily.

Specify your options and request a proposal

Standardize as much of your proposal request as possible so that you can compare the proposals you get.

Negotiate an agreement

After reviewing and selecting your best fit, find a common working arrangement that makes you and the vendor happy. It’s been said that the most successful agreements are those in which neither party is completely satisfied because each has compromised some elements.

Of course, once you have completed these steps, the real work will begin. Remember: even though you have already dedicated a significant amount of effort, expect to dedicate even more time and energy as the implementation progresses. But, rest assured that once your organization has completed the ERP implementation process, the benefits that you will realize will be substantial.


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Congrats to the DiCentral prize giveaway winner at Oracle OpenWorld 2015!

Posted by Daniel Ford on Thu, Oct 29, 2015

Congratulations to Premkumar Nachiappan of Falken Tire for winning DiCentral's $200 Visa gift card at Oracle OpenWorld 2015!

If you didn't get a chance to speak with our product experts about how DiCentral's supply chain integration solutions can simplify and streamline your critical supply chain processes, visit to learn more.

See you at the next show!

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NAV Directions 2015 Begins Next Week, & DiCentral is Presenting!

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Oct 21, 2015

NAV Directions 2015 takes place next week in Orlando, and DiCentral is presenting! Be sure to make time on Tuesday, October 27th for "Challenges and Best Practices with Using EDI with Microsoft Dynamics NAV"! Visit to find out more about the year's premier Miscrosoft Dynamics event.

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deFacto 5K Reno 2015 Run at Summit 2015

Posted by Daniel Ford on Thu, Oct 15, 2015

Summit 2015 attendees, including DiCentral's Ray Tussing, Eric Lambiase, Peter Dalfen, and Marc-Andre Huras, participated in a great cause early this morning at the deFacto 5K Reno 2015 run. All proceeds raised by the event go directly to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

Great job, runners!


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NEECOM 25th Anniversary Fall Conference

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Oct 14, 2015

DiCentral's Pat Hall will be presenting "Successfully Connecting Your Supply Chain" tomorrow at the NEECOM (New England Electronic Commerce Users' Group) 25th Anniversary Fall Conference. We're excited for the opportunity to speak at NEECOM's 25th anniversary event!

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