New Supply Chain Research Uncovers How Market Leaders Compete In The Digital Era

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Creating Supply Chain Value In The Digital Era

UT-SAP-Study.pngIn the race to compete in today's digital-first era, organizations face challenges in modeling their supply chains to accommodate consumer behavior — where they shop, when they shop and how they want to shop.

The results of this study shows how market leaders have embraced this change by leveraging B2B integration and ERP technologies to improve customer satisfaction levels, operational productivity and resource allocation.

In This Study, You'll Learn How Leading Organizations:

  • > Eliminate losses due to bad data that affect 60% of transactions per month

  • > Automate key workflow processes without the need for human intervention

  • > Reduce an average of 50 hours of labor per month

By Downloading This Report, You'll Also Receive:  

  • > Self-Assessment Tool to measure your agility in a digital business world

  • > Template to Assess Impact of B2B Integration

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