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The Journey to B2Bi Compliance & the Implications on Change Management

Posted by Daniel Ford on Mon, Mar 21, 2016

Implementation of new technology and/or business rules can cause an organization to change processes internally and across its trading partner community. 

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Topics: EDI, compliance programs, B2B managed services, change management, B2Bi compliance, Tom Peters

EDI Compliance Fees: Tired of Paying Them?

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Mar 04, 2015

Many companies have implemented supply chain compliance programs. These compliance programs are designed as a financial incentive to drive quality in the supply chain process. Many of these programs focus on imposing financial penalties on suppliers as opposed to creating financial rewards. A typical compliance program can dictate dozens of business rules that must be adhered to. Violating any single business rule typically has a fine (a.k.a. chargeback or deduction).  

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Topics: DiCentral, Chargeback, compliance programs, DiMetrics

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