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How to Support Omni-Channel Without Abandoning Your Accounting Software

Posted by Peter Edlund on Tue, Aug 23, 2016


I’ve spent much of my career working with small business owners.  During that time I have learned a great deal from them about cash management, entrepreneurialism, making difficult choices, and leadership.  I’ve also learned that small business owners can stretch an investment in infrastructure in ways that still amaze me. 

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Topics: B2B integration, Inventory Management, cloud EDI, QuickBooks ERP

Inventory Control and Order Management for Your Global Supply Chain

Posted by Daniel Ford on Fri, Apr 06, 2012

With DiOMS customers can easily integrate with 3PLs or efficiently run their own warehouse. The B2B integration platform is built directly into the solution, providing seamless communication with trading partners and the capability to manage any order from any channel.

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Topics: DiCentral, EDI, B2B integration, EDI enablement, EDI integration, EDI software, DiOMS, Order Management, Inventory Management

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