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Retail EDI Best Practices: Balancing Incentives & Invoice Deductions for Better Compliance

Posted by Daniel Ford on Thu, Jul 09, 2015

Invoice deductions are the bane of suppliers. They can poison relationships between suppliers and their customers and eventually cause irresolvable damage. On the other hand, retailers have a limited set of tools at their disposal to help them enforce compliance with the conditions established for the purchase and delivery of products. How is it possible to keep an otherwise profitable relationship from becoming adversarial because of relatively small issues?

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Supply Chain Best Practices: The Long-Term Effect of Small Errors

Posted by Daniel Ford on Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Accuracy is one of the hallmarks of EDI transactions. So how is it possible that invoices do not match payments? While the theory of matching invoices to receipts is obvious, there can be instances in which there are differences.

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Topics: DiCentral, EDI, supply chain best practices, invoice errors

Retail EDI Best Practices: Outsource Vendor Monitoring to Increase Reliability

Posted by Daniel Ford on Fri, Jun 12, 2015

Keeping the best suppliers being 'best' requires knowing how each is performing. For companies with small supply chains that include just a very few suppliers, it’s possible to track and evaluate each individually on a periodic basis. But most retailers have many suppliers. That makes keeping up with each one a near impossibility without enlisting a large staff of experts who watch over the daily activities of orders. The more viable alternative is to enlist the services of an outsourced provider that can lighten the load and increase the overall performance of your supply chain.

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Topics: DiCentral, retail EDI, supply chain best practices, vendor monitoring

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