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Fact vs. Myth: EDI

Posted by Daniel Ford on Tue, Feb 16, 2016

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around when it comes to EDI and supply chain processes. Some of these misconceptions are harmless enough, but others…well, it’s time to set the record straight on a few widely held myths. Chances are, you’re familiar with many—if not all—of the following untruths, and you’ve probably even heard decision makers in your organization cite them. The first one we’ll start with is a personal favorite, and needs to be exposed for the falsehood that it is:

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DiCentral exhibiting this week at the RVCF Annual Fall Conference

Posted by Daniel Ford on Mon, Nov 09, 2015

We're in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week exhibiting at the 2015 RVCF Annual Fall Conference! If you are attending, be sure to stop by booth #32 and chat with our supply chain integration experts about DiCentral's solutions that help to enhance collaboration and communication between retailers and their vendors.

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Seven Keys for a Successful EDI Compliance Initiative

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Feb 25, 2015

Retailers: have you considered what adopting an EDI compliance program can do for your organization?

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How Perfect Are Your EDI Documents?

Posted by Daniel Ford on Fri, Jan 16, 2015

Fulfilling the perfect order requires that several things happen perfectly along the way between the customer creating the order and eventually receiving exactly what they ordered. The most basic piece of this puzzle is that the various transactions that make up the order process are all created and interpreted perfectly by all trading partners along the way. Making all those documents perfect does not happen automatically. Even the most elementary document needs to be tested to assure that the content, format, and the processes that handle it work as intended.

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DiCentral to Present Scorecard Survey Study Results at Fusion on 5/15

Posted by Daniel Ford on Mon, May 14, 2012

Tomorrow afternoon at Fusion 2012, DiCentral's own Mary Kleespies and Steve Babbitt will present the results of the scorecarding survey completed in conjunction with VCF, so be sure to make time and grab a seat!

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DiCentral's Latest Newsletter Out Now!

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Our latest company newsletter is available now at!

Click here to learn about what we've been up to, and about the newest supply chain innovations designed to help your business grow.


If you have questions about any of the newsletter articles, email


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Ask Mary: Vendor Compliance -- To Charge or Not to Charge (Part 3/3)

Posted by Daniel Ford on Tue, Sep 27, 2011

The debate goes on in the retail industry on whether to issue chargebacks for noncompliance or avoid chargebacks. This year I have met with several medium-sized retailers that are aware of the benefits of EDI and a compliance program, but their hands are tied when it comes to implementing a compliance program. The main obstacle in implementing a compliance program is that their corporate culture believes in being gentle with their vendors and chargebacks are not part of this culture.  I do understand their concerns but due to my role in identifying best practices for the retail industry it is my duty to explore this issue.

Reasons that 2nd and 3rd-tier retailers do not implement a chargeback program:

  • Their C-level executives have not embraced issuing chargebacks as a way of doing business
  • The fear that the vendor will stop shipping to them due to chargebacks
  • The fear that vendors will raise prices to compensate for the chargebacks
  • The organization feels that they are not like big box retailers (2nd and 3rd-tier retailers believe that they do not have the power to implement a compliance program)

Can you afford the noncompliance of EDI in your organization? Consider these consequences:

  • Loss of sales due to low fill rate
  • Loss of productivity at warehouse
  • Movement of merchandise through supply chain will be delayed

Cost of paper-based POs:

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Ask Mary: Have You Lost Your Way?

Posted by Daniel Ford on Wed, Jul 13, 2011

The onset of warmer weather can encourage complacency about goals made at the start of the year, but the need for EDI compliance is as important as ever. During my May business travels I discovered a common concern among retailers: the task of convincing the executive management team and merchandise areas to impose chargebacks on non-compliant vendors.

This raises the question: is it good business practice to expect and receive exactly what is on the purchase order?

If the answer is "yes," then vendors should be charged for violations such as:

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