DiCentral Introduces New Language Pack for DiWeb 2.0

    DiCentral is thrilled to announce that the company hasDiCentral DiWeb Language Pack introduced a new language pack for its DiWeb 2.0 software. The new version supports four languages, including English, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese, with more languages, including Japanese and Spanish, to follow soon.

    “DiCentral is an established global business, servicing 6,000 customers in 24 countries worldwide,” says Thuy Mai, CEO, DiCentral. “With so many users in so many different geographies, it’s critical that DiCentral provide the most convenient and easy-to-use platform. Additionally, today’s leading companies want their software to be branded in the language that properly reflects their corporate brand and origin. With DiWeb’s new language pack, we have exceeded these goals and further simplified the overall transaction process for both large and small companies.”

    DiWeb offers an advanced, cost-effective, hosted solution that enables users to instantly become EDI compliant with their trading partner communities. Transactions are completed, validated, and transmitted effortlessly. Real-time visibility of all documents throughout the entire supply chain is built into the web application at no additional cost. Seamless integration is available to/from any backend application, such as accounting packages.

    DiWeb 2.0 with the new language pack is generally available and more information can be found at dicentral.com or by calling 281-480-1121.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral