SupplyChainBrain Features Story on BabySwede & DiCentral DiIntegrator

    SupplyChainBrain is currently featuring an article onDiCentral BabySwede BabySwede and how DiCentral DiIntegrator has played a critical role in helping the company to grow and better satisfy customer demand.

    BabySwede is the exclusive US distributor of BabyBjorn, a Swedish company that specializes in manufacturing a popular line of baby products, including the BabyBjorn baby carriers.

    From the article: “'The implementation of DiIntegrator was a lifesaver,' says Greg Infante, CFO for BabySwede. 'It created huge gains in EDI document processing efficiency. The import process also increased order entry accuracy. Additionally, DiIntegrator enabled us to create a process where backorders could be managed via EDI without having to cancel orders that had out-of-stock product. Also noteworthy, DiIntegrator has allowed us to continue to add EDI trading partners while keeping our internal overhead at the same level.'”

    Check out the SupplyChainBrain article here.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral