Heard About DiCentral's Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System?

    Designed for growing companies, DiCentral's cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system, SmartTurn, automates manual-based processes from purchasing to shipping, so complete visibility and control is a mouse click away.

    Processed through one centralized system, the solution's online inventory control provides companies with real-time visibility and control into the movement of inventory across multiple warehouses or within a single location.

    SmartTurn provides users with:

    • Purchasing—Integrate purchasing with your inventory control to reduce unwanted carrying costs and data entry errors.

    • Receiving & Put-Away—Accelerate the receiving and put-away process of goods from the shipping dock to preferred locations faster with less work.

    • Inventory Control—Provide real-time management information on the quantity, location, status, and history of every inventory item within the warehouse.

    • Order Fulfillment—Enables companies to commit to more orders and increase profits without increasing the cost of doing business.

    • Shipping—Integrates picking and shipping operations to streamline processes and manage cost.

    • Integration—SmartTurn integrates inventory and warehouse processes with leading accounting software applications.

    • Mobile Computing—Enables warehouse operators to have real-time inventory visibility and control while moving freely across the warehouse floor.

    For an in-depth review of SmartTurn, click here to watch a video demonstration.

    To receive more information about DiCentral's cloud-based offerings for inventory and warehouse management, or to get in touch with a product specialist, simply call or email.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral