DiCentral Easing Saigon Newport Port Congestion One Transaction at a Time

    DiCentral is proud to announce that the company now manages millions of transactions across the extremely busy supply chain at Saigon Newport and eight subsidary ports, including Cat Lai Port, Song Than, Long Binh, TCIT, TCOT, TCCT, Tan Cang 198, and Tan Cang Miền Trung.

    "The team and solutions provided by DiCentralSaigon Newport DiCentral have helped ease congestion at Saigon Port," says Mr. Bui Hai Quan, chief information officer of Saigon Newport Corporation. "We look forward to working with them to further enhance our processes and speed up overall operations across the port."

    Global shipping lines, ports and terminals are struggling with congestion and the associated consequences stemming from a surge in demand for goods around the world, which is causing a ripple effect across the supply chain and resulting in significant delays in delivery times and increased shipping rates.

    "Saigon Newport and its subsidiaries handle a large percentage of all ocean traffic moving across Southeast Asia," says Thuy Mai, CEO, DiCentral. "We are happy to be providing a solution that helps ease the burden and speed up the process of getting shipments and ships where they need to be when they need to be there."

    After beginning work with Saigon Newport, DiCentral's ability to centralize data at the server site and model to centralize all data transaction activities, coupled with the company's flexibility to quickly deploy EDI at new local sitesas well as easily set up new connections with customersled to the expansion of DiCentral's products and services into eight additional locations.

    "What we are doing in Saigon can be replicated in busy ports around the globe, such as Rotterdam, or any other shipping site, whether they are struggling with port congestion or not," continues Mai.

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    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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