DiCentral Acquires Assets of QLogitek and Creates Strategic Relationship with Parent Company

    We are happy to announce that DiCentral has acquired the EDI business assets of QLogitek, a B2B-EDI supply chain solutions provider based in Toronto, Canada. The $2.15 Million transaction includes IP and support infrastructure as well. With DiCentral already managing billions of transactions in retail, manufacturing and other industries, the acquisition accelerates DiCentral’s strategy to make supply chain management, via the cloud, a vibrant platform for companies of all sizes to more easily conduct and grow their business. Thousands of trading partner organizations, including manufacturers, shippers and distributors, operating globally in retail, manufacturing, distribution and telecommunications are mobilized by QLogitek. Its 24/7/365 EDI operations enable tens of thousands of global users to conduct over 20 million transactions annually.

    “We welcome the QLogitek EDI clients to the DiCentral ecosystem, and look forward to servicing their needs on a global scale,” said Thuy Mai, CEO, DiCentral. “QLogitek has been one of the more innovative B2B cloud integration solution providers that has solved the needs of retailers and small to medium-sized businesses that operate within the retail supply chain ecosystem. We're thrilled to add QLogitek's customers, technology and talented team to expand our existing suite of solutions and global service offering.”  

    This acquisition expands DiCentral’s geographical footprint and immediately provides a broader and greater service offering for the company’s retail ecosystem to more easily conduct trade. By combining the QLogitek clients with that of DiCentral’s existing integration network, DiCentral expects to significantly enhance the performance of the company’s global business and supply chain operations for its customers, shippers, financial institutions and the industries that service these constituents. 

    In addition, the parent company of QLogitek, Smart Employee Benefits (SEB) Inc., and DiCentral have signed a strategic partnership agreement to collaborate on joint solutions that will enable SEB clients to leverage B2B integration needs going forward.

    “QLogitek was founded to bring supply chain automation, integration and collaboration solutions to the retail,  CPG and healthcare world,” said Latiq Qureshi, President and CEO for QLogitek. “We are confident that our customers will benefit from the DiCentral team, its solutions and services while continuing to enjoy excellent service and support under DiCentral’s leadership.”

    For many organizations, it is becoming increasingly complex to integrate business communities. As transaction volumes grow, businesses expand internationally, and all the while the expectation exists that integration must happen faster in order to facilitate trade and to grow revenue. Outsourcing and B2Bi managed services for small to medium-sized businesses are becoming more popular options for clients looking to become more agile and to improve internal service levels for business constituents that seek new clients, new geographies and new partnerships. Both DiCentral and QLogitek independently executed on this journey to assist clients with their B2Bi needs, and the combination of assets creates a powerful solution and service offering that will enable DiCentral to greatly accelerate its vision. 

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    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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