DiCentral's Yvonne Espino to Speak Today at TLOAUG

    Yvonne Espino, integrated solutions sales director for DiCentral, will be speaking at the Texas Louisiana Oracle Applications User Group (TLOAUG) meeting, taking place today at the Hilton New Orleans. Ms. Espino will deliver her presentation titled “Advanced EDI Integration for a Growing Supply Chain” at 1:40 p.m.

    “TLOAUG is a prominent event with a specific focus and it is attended by many of our industry’s sharpest professionals,” says Espino. “I’m excited to join this group of distinguished participants who are passionate about exploring and sharing opportunities as we work to further educate them on the value provided by DiCentral’s suite of EDI solutions.”

    DiCentral speaking at Texas Louisiana Oracle Applications User Group

    Oracle clients will learn best practices of EDI integration with their Oracle system and how this integration improves collaboration, visibility and optimizes supply chain processes. DiCentral will present actual clients that have cost-effectively implemented an EDI solution with their suppliers and benefited from shorter delays in order fulfillment and a reduction of administrative errors. Additionally, DiCentral will demonstrate the ease of integrating data with Oracle and highlight the benefits and cost savings associated.

    TLOAUG represents the South Central Oracle Application Users within Texas and Louisiana. Its mission is to enable Oracle Applications/Technology users throughout the Texas and Louisiana area to accumulate and share information and experiences with each other and the local Oracle office. Learn more about TLOAUG here.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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