Introducing DiUnite 9.0 — DiCentral's Updated Any-to-Any Data Integration Solution

    DiCentral has recently released an updated version of DiUnite, an any-to-any data integration engine featuring a drag-and-drop interface and rich library of functions, allowing users to integrate between databases, XML files, EDI data, and virtually any flat file format.

    The focus for DiUnite 9.0 has been to enable map developers to manage their data integration projects through the entire develop/test/deploy/iterate cycle.

    Introducing DiUnite 9.0Development: DiUnite Studio’s new user interface brings DiUnite’s Document Manager, Map Manager, and Project/Job Manager into one place. Enhancements include a more visual development experience with more drag-and-drop features.

    Test: The Run Debug feature is new in DiUnite 9.0. Run Debug allows map developers to test a map from within the DiUnite Studio and view warnings and errors alongside the mapping rules.

    Deploy: Maps can be deployed directly from DiUnite Studio to different servers, such as a test server and a production server.

    Iterate: A built-in version control system allows map developers to track map changes and roll back to earlier versions of a map.

    To learn more about DiUnite 9.0, click here.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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