Important Information for DiCentral Customers who Sell to Barneys New York

    As a DiCentral customer, we'd like you to know about some developments with Barneys New York.  

    Barneys is gradually rolling out their EDI program to include not only the PO (purchase order), but also the ASN (advance ship notice) and GS1-128 label. DiCentral is fully compliant with all three of these EDI requirements, and the EDI invoice is not far behind.

    DiCentral enables Barneys suppliers

    If you are already doing EDI via DiCentral with Barneys, rest assured you are compliant for all their new EDI requirements.

    If you sell to Barneys and are not yet doing EDI with them, you may request this partnership at any time. DiCentral is happy to help you get onboard. Give our team a call to get started: 281-480-1121 option 3.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral                     

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