What's New: DiCentral's Business Data Analyst Solution

    We recently made important updates to DiAnalyst, our web-based Point of Sales (POS) tool.  The EDI reporting tool provides insightful product activity reports that can help companies collaborate with customers better. By putting powerful reporting and analysis tools into the hands of your sales and management team, DiAnalyst can help drive new business for your company.

    What DiAnalyst offers:

    • Improved forecasting of future business, enabling you to play a proactive role in increasing sales and collaboration.

    • Data can be analyzed and acted upon promptly to ensure immediate decisions are made on your current sales trends. 

    • Use reports to analyze inventory and item movement throughout the retail chain. 

    • Deployment reduction allows immediate results without utilizing costly in-house resources.

    • Customized sales data in an easily accessible format that reduces the chance of duplicating data being exchanged.

    dianalyst chart resized 600

    Learn more about DiAnalyst here. Or read our DiAnalyst case study: “We started at the in-stock percentage ratio of 74% in Jan 07.  With the DiAnalyst tools we were able to expedite our performance to 90%.”