Big Names in Retail Increase Supply Chain Velocity by Using DiCentral

    Charming Charlie, a leading fashion accessory retailer, and K&G, an off-price retail chain, both use DiCentral's Managed Services solution. Managed Services saves both Charming Charlie and K&G time and valuable resources by maintaining their trading partner communication and vendor compliance, allowing the companies to dedicate more time and energy on core competencies.

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    Why do retailers use DiCentral’s Managed Services?

    • Globalization: Most retailers have several trading partners that are headquartered in Asia or Europe. This poses a number of complications, especially when considering invoicing and the differences of local laws and regulations. DiCentral has experience managing vendors across the globe, and with offices in China and Vietnam we have a worldwide reach.

    • Size of trading partner network: A growing trading partner network is one of the key causes of complications within supply chains. Retailers must spend valuable resources in order to maintain communication and compliance. DiCentral’s expertise is in managing supply chain communication—our experience comes from connecting thousands of vendors to retailers and managing the substantial flow of information.

    • Core Competencies: Retailers who maintain in-house EDI must divide their resources between EDI management and focusing on core competencies. DiCentral’s Managed Services allows retailers to apply resources towards what they do best. 

    What Can Managed Services Do for You?

    • Save time and valuable resources by allowing DiCentral to maintain your trading partner communication and vendor compliance

    • Reduce or eliminate cost of maintaining an in-house EDI operation

    • Dedicate more time and energy on core competencies

    • Minimize risks

    • Automate and streamline your current business processes

    • Rapid onboarding and enablement to drive down costs while having immediate impact on profitability

    • Shift spending to a more predictable,ongoing expense

    • Full visibility of vendor activity

    What is included with Managed Services?

    Enablement: Rapid onboarding and enablement are critical to driving down costs while having immediate impact on profitability. Multiple shipping and packing models are easy to accommodate and proven rollout programs indentify target vendors and prioritizes needs while driving profitability.

    Testing: Our flexible platform provides successful testing environments for today’s leading buyer organizations worldwide. Our proven testing methodology gives suppliers the ability to meet buyers’ exclusive shipping, packaging, and invoicing requirements, ensuring a streamlined supply chain network.

    Collaboration: Point of sale analysis brings better business intelligence and allows informed decision-making, enhancing the collaborative relationship between buyers and sellers, shortening time to market lead times, and driving revenue.

    Compliance: DiCentral’s experts and systems help ensure your supplier community meets business commitments, reducing order, price, and invoice errors.

    Supplier Network View: DiCentral’s easy-to-use web reporting tool offers unmatched visibility into vendor activity, providing users with the information needed to analyze data and make important business decisions faster. The solution is accessible on any internet-ready computer any time, and there is no limitation of users.

    Supplier Network Communication: A platform to publish and  communicate relevant information, allowing you to improve your business processes through streamlined contact with your vendor communities. DiCentral’s supplier network communication solution establishes a simple means for supply chain partners to tap into relevant information 24 hours a day using a simple internet browser.

    If you are interested in learning more about Managed Services, call us at (877) 878-3334 or email