Any-to-Any Connectivity Delivered with DiCentral's DiConnect

    Fact: Companies who consolidate and centralize data processing with a single integration provider (or two) come out far ahead of those who don’t.





    What does your trading partner connectivity look like?






    DiConnect allows for any-to-any connectivity through DiCental's easy-to-use communications environment. The solution supports all connectivity formats that you and your trading partners implement, including FTP, AS2, VAN, etc.

    DiCentral's DiConnect

    DiConnect eliminates manual processes to make it more efficient to establish secure, reliable connections to your entire network of business partners, large and small. Seamless interaction empowers your trading partner network to grow.

    After deploying DiConnect, customers can upgrade their implementations easily. DiCentral provides scalable B2B integration service capabilities for organizations that need to connect rapidly with hundreds or thousands of business partners simultaneously.

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