Tame drop ship complexity with DiCentral's Drop Ship Enablement

    Managing every aspect of the drop ship supply chain network is a difficult and complex process.

    DiCentral's Drop Ship Enablement enables and tests your drop ship vendors and simplifies your virtual retail ecosystem, all within your existing EDI infrastructure.DiCentral Drop Ship

    The solution allows you to ship products directly from suppliers to customers, and maintain the same degree of customer service, fulfillment performance and brand management as if you actually shipped the product from your own warehouse. In addition, DiCentral provides real time, end-to-end supply chain visibility, allowing you to see into each purchase order and shipment event.

    What can DiCentral's Drop Ship Enablement do for you:

    • Save time and valuable resources by allowing DiCentral to test and enable your drop ship supply chain network

    • Rapidly connect to any vendor

    • Provide retailer-branded packing slips for inclusion with each shipment

    • Ensure barcode label requirement on every packing slip for immediate identification

    • Enforce business rules and quality standards among suppliers

    If you'd like to learn more about DiCentral's Drop Ship Enablement, click here.