Invoice Consolidation: DiCentral Offers It, Biggest Competitor Doesn't

    DiWeb, DiCentral's web-based EDI product, offers an important feature that our biggest competitor doesn't: DiWeb allows users to consolidate multiple invoices into a single invoice per DC (distrpbution center) or per enterprise, regardless of how the POs (purchase orders) were received. For suppliers using DiWeb, this feature substantially simplifies the invoicing process.

    DiCentral DiWeb

    DiWeb offers an advanced, cost–effective, hosted solution, to instantly become EDI compliant with your trading partner community. Transactions are completed, validated, and transmitted effortlessly. Real–time visibility of all documents throughout the entire supply chain are built into the web application at no additional cost. Seamless integration is available to/from any backend application, such as your accounting package.

    To learn more about DiWeb, watch the DiWeb video or check out the DiWeb product page.

    -The DiCentral Team