30 Global Healthcare Leaders Endorse GS1 Healthcare Standards

    Just announced this week by GS1, more than thirty global healthcare leaders representing hospitals, manufacturers, and distributors from around the world have endorsed the GS1 System of Standards for Healthcare. From the Healthcare Supply Chain Association's (HSCA) article: "GS1 Standards enable streamlined supply chain processes and improve visibility—from manufacturers to patients."DiCentral GS1 health care standards

    DiCentral specializes in developing EDI solutions that enable healthcare organizations of all sizes to manage their supply chains through providing the tools necessary to satisfy GS1 Standards. DiCentral’s health care EDI solutions provide:

    • Transaction processing

    • Data visibility

    • Integration

    • Automation

    If you’re interested in DiCentral’s health care solutions, simply call or email and we’ll provide you with information on how DiCentral can help your organization manage supply chain integration and meeting GS1 Standards.

    -Daniel Ford, DiCentral