DiCentral & N.O.II Align to Deliver EDI Solutions to Vietnamese Market

    We are pleased to announce that DiCentral has partnered with N.O.II to provide best-of-class supply chain solutions and services to joint customers in Vietnam. The partnership will enable users to leverage N.O.II's deep domain expertise in the massive food and beverage (F&B) market and F&B distribution to expand and grow their businesses in Vietnam.

    "Traditionally, integrating EDI functionality in Vietnam has been lengthy and complex," says Hoang Tran, CEO of N.O.II. "However, DiCentral and N.O.II's joint solution enables suppliers to almost instantly add distribution and supply chain functionality to their operations, ensuring the most efficient use of resources. We are excited to partner with DiCentral and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship."


    Building upon each company's expertise, the partnership provides customized client interfaces to accommodate each customer's unique requirements.

    "DiCentral welcomes the opportunity to work with N.O.II to deliver high quality EDI solutions to the Vietnamese market," says Thuy Mai, CEO, DiCentral. "This alliance will simplify supply chain communications and improve the EDI integration experience for all of N.O.II's customers, while further enabling DiCentral to expand its already substantial presence in Vietnam."

    Users of the joint offering from DiCentral and N.O.II will also benefit from customized implementation and comprehensive data flow. DiCentral's vast knowledge in B2B data integration and N.O.II's insight and extensive experience within the F&B market present a win-win for both current and future customers.

    Adoption of EDI by Vietnamese companies has been slow in the past because of the complex and expensive process of mapping channels between trading partners. With this partnership, DiCentral and N.O.II take on the responsibility for ensuring that their customers exceed their EDI goals quickly and easily.