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  • Partner Spotlight: Thinkmax

  • Interview with Patrick Guedj

  • With decades of hands-on leadership expertise in ERP implementation, technology strategy, and business process improvement, Thinkmax is highly regarded in the Microsoft space. As a Microsoft partner they have won numerous awards, including selection to the President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics and winning the Microsoft Partner Network Impact Award.

  • Patrick Guedj, vice president of development and founding partner at Thinkmax, shares his thoughts on working with DiCentral in this Q&A.
  • DI: What made you decide to work with DiCentral?

    PG: We had done EDI in the past with other providers. For one reason or another there always seemed to be gaps in their offerings and this prevented us from providing an end-to-end solution for our customers. This led us to develop our own IP to fill in some of these gaps. What was interesting with DiCentral is the wide range of solutions that filled those gaps very nicely. Another factor is their solutions worked very nicely with the IP we developed, so it was a natural fit.

    DI: What are your impressions of the DiCentral staff?

    PG: We were very impressed with both sides of the business, technical and sales. It was clear that we were dealing with EDI professionals who really know the business and who understand EDI beyond the boundaries of ERP. That really pays off in client-facing situations.

    DI: What are your thoughts on the range of solutions provided by DiCentral?

    PG: That’s what we really want, they have every piece of the EDI puzzle. We were especially impressed with DiMetrics. We had never seen a solution like that anywhere before and for us, it is going to be central in complementing business processes for our clients.

    DI: And EDI in the cloud?

  • PG: What really surfaces with this approach is ease of scalability. Some clients start off small with one or two trading partners and a couple of documents, and when the business grows they ask us to add new trading partners and DiCentral scales up with no problems.

    DI: General thoughts on the partnership?

    PG: Obviously it’s an important one for us. We even invested in our IP to bring unique value to our customers in conjunction with DiCentral. We definitely see this as a good match and look forward to continuing to grow our relationship.

    DI: Thank you Patrick!
  • To learn more about Thinkmax, visit thinkmax.com.