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    Understanding the Basics of EDI

    EDI 204

    Motor Carrier Load Tender


    What is EDI 204?

    The EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender is a document set that is used to present an offer for a shipment to a full truckload motor carrier. It can be used to create a new shipment, update or replace an existing shipment, or cancel a shipment altogether. The purpose of the EDI 204 is to communicate all relevant information regarding the shipment requirements and costs to ensure the carrier is able to make an informed decision.

    Information Conveyed in the EDI 204

    An EDI 204 transaction set provides detailed pick-up and delivery information for a load, usually for a single pick-up location. This may include some or all of the following:

    • Carrier information
    • Description of goods, including weight and size
    • Expected schedule
    • Equipment (truck) requirements
    • Shipping instructions
    • Contact information and location of the recipient


    How an EDI 204 is Handled

    A carrier may respond to an EDI 204 document with an EDI 990 Response to a Load Tender transaction set, indicating whether it accepts the offer or not. If accepted, the carrier will provide an EDI 214 Shipment Status Message, which outlines the shipment pick-up and delivery information for the trading partner. The 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender set is only used for full-truckload shipments, so it is not appropriate for a less-than-truckload bill of lading information.

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