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Understanding the Basics of EDI

EDI 990

Load Tender Response

Understanding the Basics of EDI

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What is EDI 990?

The EDI 990 Load Tender Response document is used by carriers to communicate their reply to a 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender. The carrier response will tell the shipper whether or not it will pick up an offered shipment. Like the EDI 204, the 990 Load Tender Response is used only for full truckload shipments, and may also be used to accept or reject a bid request from a shipper.

Responses Conveyed in the EDI 990

An EDI 990 transaction set provides an answer to the question posed in the EDI 204. It may also provide additional details regarding the reason for a declination. Possible responses include:

  • Carrier load tender accepted
  • Carrier load tender declined
  • Carrier load tender accepted with conditions
  • Bid request accepted
  • Bid request declined

How an EDI 990 is Handled

After the EDI 990 Load Tender Response is sent, the shipper will respond with a 997 Functional Acknowledgement, confirming receipt of the EDI 990. The EDI 990, like most EDI documents, is nearly impossible to read by anyone who is not an EDI expert. Instead, the EDI 990 will be converted into one of two forms - a readable format (a printed report that must be manually entered) or a file format that is automatically imported into a shipping or ERP system. The translation of the EDI 990 into an integrated digital format is by far the preferred method.

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