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EDI and Small Businesses

Understanding the Basics of EDI

Understanding the Basics of EDI

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How Small Businesses can use EDI

Small businesses may find Electronic Data Interchange integration a challenge, but those that want to build relationships and partner with large organizations should consider incorporating EDI into their current IT strategy.

While Electronic Data Interchange was invented for the benefit of large multi-national corporations, small and mid-sized businesses now have access to the money and time saving benefits of Electronic Data Interchange. Larger retailers often mandate the use of Electronic Data Interchange, forcing smaller companies to find solutions that are affordable and sound long-term investments. Finding a good Electronic Data Interchange solution can be challenging. Two key aspects of finding the right solution include finding software that is easy to install and manage, as well as software that offers expandability through the ability to manage multiple trading partners. Additionally, the software should provide a high degree of automation, giving the business the ability to manage Electronic Data Interchange with little if any human involvement.

While small business owners may not prioritize information transfer solutions, exploiting the efficiencies of EDI may help small to medium-sized organizations compete in challenging markets for the following reasons:

  • Electronic Data Interchange can help you keep your staffing solutions lean. Your personnel requirements can be kept to a bare minimum while you work on growing your business. Because EDI solutions – particularly those supported by a VAN – can largely replace the services of some lower-skilled office employees, you’ll be able to hire more highly skilled team members with the experience and credentials to facilitate key business operations.
  • Handle large volume orders. EDI support can help small businesses function like larger ones. Productivity improves; increases in demand can be accommodated quickly and efficiently, encouraging client confidence.
  • Scale your EDI solutions as needs arise. EDI solutions offer exceptional return on investment for small enterprises, since they are fully adaptable to significant growth. As your invoicing and supply demands increase, EDI capabilities and performance can evolve accordingly


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