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Gateway EDI

Understanding the Basics of EDI

Understanding the Basics of EDI

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What is Gateway EDI?

Gateway EDI is something that has a lot of people excited. Have you heard some of your business associates talking about Gateway EDI and you want to know more about Gateway EDI? You may be thinking that Gateway EDI is a type of EDI service, but the fact of the matter is that Gateway EDI is actually a provider of premium electronic data interchange services. In fact, Gateway EDI is one of the fastest growing healthcare providers and they offer a wide range of products and services to help those in the healthcare industry that provide solutions to complex electronic complexity challenges. Gateway EDI has a lot of good things going for them and is known for providing some of the most reliable EDI services out there today.

Gateway EDI Benefits

The benefit of using Gateway EDI is that it provides services specifically to those in the healthcare industry. Gateway EDI boasts being able to improve efficiency by automating key business function and can help with everything from standard claims processing, status reports, and other sophisticated technology for flagging rejected claims.

Gateway EDI has been in business since 1983 making it one of the most well trusted and most used in the healthcare business. Some of the things that Gateway EDI can boast that not many others can include:

  • Gateway EDI serves more than 6,000 offices in 50 states
  • Gateway EDI serves offices in Guam
  • Gateway EDI transmits claims for more than 30,000 different providers
  • Gateway EDI processes 7.5 million transactions monthly
  • Gateway EDI submits more than 3,000 payers across the country
  • 98% of Gateway EDI customers service calls are answered by live customer service 
  • 92% of the time Gateway EDI customer questions are solved the first time around and 100% are answered within five days.

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