How New Supply Chain Alerts Help You Tackle Issues Anywhere, Anytime

    How did we ever manage to stay on top of our work before smartphones? Today, I conduct almost as much business on my phone as I go from meeting to meeting as I do sitting at my desk on my computer. And I am not alone.

    According to audience measurement company Comscore, mobile has already surpassed desktops as the primary means to access the internet, and statistics show that more than 60% of users respond more quickly to SMS and dedicated mobile app messaging. For example, my bank app alerts me of all transactions so I can make sure my account information is never stolen. My Fitbit app lets me know whether I’m maintaining my New Year’s resolution to exercise.

    But what about supply chain exceptions and other business anomalies that need urgent attention?

    Real-time Notifications Alert You to Critical Orders

    Supply chain managers cannot afford for employees to drop the ball or overlook warning signs. Failure to recognize or act on an issue can lead to product returns, inaccurate inventories, shipping delays, late invoice payment, or compliance penalties. Notifications via email can be unreliable and quickly overlooked, which can delay your response time to react to critical events in your supply chain.

    At DiCentral, we are committed to helping our clients be more competitive, and that means easy access to relevant information, quickly.  Last month we announced our customizable EDI dashboards, which make key information available on-demand based on specific roles and responsibilities. I’m happy to announce that we are further extending this tool, rolling out a mobile alert system that delivers customizable information and alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet – providing just-in-time access to critical supply chain information.

    What You Need to Know, When You Need to Know It

    Supply chain management yields large amounts of information, and every role requires specific – yet different – data to get the job done. Supply chain managers need updates on order fulfillment and shipping status. Warehouse managers have to monitor inventories. CFOs need to ensure invoices are processed accurately and that payments are received and applied. In order to drive efficiency throughout the supply chain, each individual constituent within the organization needs specific alerts  that can be customized to both role and  work schedule – so you’re not receiving notifications at night, or more importantly, while on vacation. Here are a few examples of alerts that our customers receive from DiCentral’s mobile alert app:

    > "New Incoming Orders" Notifications every time a new PO arrives

    > "Near Due Orders" Notifications that ship date is 1-15 days away  

    > "Past Due Orders" Notifications when a PO cancel date has elapsed

    Preventing Issues Before They Start 

    Knowing about a problem immediately and reacting instantly can prevent a major disruption that might result in delays and low customer satisfaction. With mobile alerts, you can customize a list of actions that will automatically notify you of potential issues. For example, EDI managers can set alerts if there is an issue with data mapping while onboarding a new client.  Or if you are a supplier and a shipment to Walmart is behind schedule, you can take proactive steps to get it there on time and avoid penalties.

    Built In Checks and Balances

    With a mobile alert app, supply chain managers can deploy the app across a number of users, create their own escalation chain and determine what parameters would cause the chain to activate. For example, if a warehouse manager receives an alert about a delayed order and fails to respond,  an escalation alert can be sent to his manager.

    How much more efficient would your supply chain be if you could be notified immediately of important information and issues?

    How much better would your customer service be if while on the factory floor you could find out if a shipment was behind schedule?

    Or if you knew, while in a meeting, that there was an issue with an invoice?  

    No need to wonder, schedule a preview session today for you and your team.

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