Secure Integrated Communications

A B2B Gateway Solution

Any-to-Any Connectivity

Any data format. Any transport protocol. How you connect is up to you. Simple point-and-click configuration of each partner's communication preferences with back-office system integration capabilities.

Map Your Way to Success

With wizards and drag-and-drop functionality for quick and easy mapping, you can create mapping rules or use JavaScript for more complex and sophisticated translations. Facilitate flexible data conversions, including flat file, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and GENCOD.

Seamless Data Transformation

Meet today's data translation needs with compliant data transformation for EDI, XML, text files, and database-to-database.

Benefits & Features

  • Meet industry mandates and trading partner requirements
  • Integrate existing EDI or data translator/mapper solutions and back-office solutions with ease
  • Enable cost-effective and secure electronic exchange of information
  • Secure managed file transfer options including AS1 (SMTP), AS2 (HTTP), AS3 (FTP), ebXML, and other protocols and web services
  • Complete audit trail of all business data and documents
  • Transformation control numbers at interchange and group levels
  • Processing rules and document parsin/splitting prior to transformation rule actions


Why DiCentral?

  • Customer service backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Cost-benefit analysis with an exact summary of project costs and user fees
  • Proprietary technology to meet your full-time demands for 24x7 EDI